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Allow Smartsheet Admins to prevent Resource Management project creation


With the new Workload Tracking feature in Smartsheet, users without a Resource Management license do not get prompted to "Create a New Project" vs. "Connect to an existing project" from Smartsheet. Instead, it automatically creates a new project in Smartsheet everytime. Additionally, unlinking then re-enabling Workload Tracking will archive the old project and create a new one.

For organizations using Resource Management directly or via automations, this can create clutter and problems when we expect projects to have other data filled in, such as "Project Code". Additionally, the users have no idea they're affecting our other system by using this feature.

Preferably, we'd like the ability to prevent new RM project creation completely from the Smartsheet administration side, and only allow connecting to an existing project. This would prevent unlicensed users from interfering with Resource Management structure, while also reinforcing our licensed users to connect to an existing project and follow normal process.

Another somewhat related issue this change has caused is, because of Smartsheet effectively taking ownership over these projects in Resource Management, users that connect to an existing project and then later unconnect end up deleting all the future data in Resource Management without realizing it. Again understandable if users were only using Smartsheet, but if users are also using Resource Management, it becomes hard to understand why data is automatically being deleted.

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