Accessing Past Smartsheet Invoices


Despite diligently following SmartSheet's instructions on how to get support, including, but not limited to, messaging, emailing and calling Smartsheet, I have been unable to find a way to receive/download past SmartSheet invoices (ie an invoice for payment completed to SmartSheet). Our account was once with 10000ft and is now part of Resource Management at SmartSheet. We have not received a formal invoice from SmartSheet since the purchase of 10000ft by SmartSheet in 2021, despite regularly receiving invoices from 10000ft for more than a decade. Past invoices are not available on the Billing page as described on SmartSheet support posts. As far as I can tell, there are no humans working at SmartSheet support, as every attempt get a response to our problem has failed, and none of the support documents provided provided a viable answer either. Does anybody know a trick on how to actually reach somebody at SmartSheet for support?