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Categorizing Files


I need a way to categorize / sort files attached to a certain sheet, row, etc. Ideally, this solution would allow for better organization, faster navigation, and file space saving.

1) Better Organization - If I have 10 files (or more) for a single row, I would be able to sort the files based on user-set categories. That way I'm not lost in the small attachment window trying to find the right file.

1.1) It would be great if the categories could be driven off of data in-sheet. I have a drop-down menu that has project stages such as pre-design, design, sale, active, and closeout. Being able to tell the file structure to follow column X's categories would be great

2) Faster Navigation - Aligned with my comment "1", getting to the right file faster means saved time

3) File Space Saving - Some rows in our sheets require the same file to be attached/associated. Then if that file needs to be updated, we have to upload the same file to all lines. Thus the file storage on Smartsheet's backend has x versions * x rows all of the same file. If we could upload a file into (for example) the pre-sale category and point / associate rows 10, 21, etc with that one file then with a new version upload all the rows would then point to the updated file without having to manually upload on each row.

Added overall function would be improved further with my other posting, drag and drop attachments. Thanks

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