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Tammy Sutton
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I'm trying to count items on a sheet if they meet a certain criteria and contain a name and put that value on a different sheet.

I'm using this formula =COUNTIFS({MT Rollup Sheet IT Lead}, CONTAINS($Label@row), AND {MT Rollup Sheet Project Status}, "Active") and receive an UNPARSED error.

I want to count how many active projects contain the name in the Label column cell. Unfortunately on the source sheet there can be multiple names in the cell on the IT Lead column.

So both Capitan America AND Iron Man can be assigned to the same project. I want my formula to count all of the rows where the IT Lead column contain Iron Man AND the Project Status column is Active.

My source sheet is MT Rollup Sheet and my destination where I'm putting my formula is MT Metrics.

Oh yeah, I also tried this formula: =COUNTIFS({MT Rollup Sheet IT Lead}, CONTAINS($Label@row), {MT Rollup Sheet Project Status}, "Active") and received INVALID OPERATION error.

Thank you so much for any assistance!

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