Contact Collect/Join to Contacts will not filter (Current user)

I have contacts in a Collect/ Join in an [Assignee All Row] Field At its core:

JOIN(COLLECT([RowRange1]@row:[RowRange2]@row, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell))), ", ")

As far as I can tell ", " Comma-space is the delimiter for multiple e-mails in a multi-select column.


  • Filters on the sheets won't recognize (CURRENT USER) in the [Assignee All Row].
  • Dynamic forms filter by [Assignee All Row]
  • Report filter [Assignee All Row] where multiple users are specified.
  • *Can* filter with contains "Some name" and that works

No "OR" available for filters I.e. Assignee1 OR assignee2 - so that's a bust.

There is an old post form 2022 on this - has SmartSheets still not fixed the issues with Contacts? Support has been very unhelpful - like talking to a BOT and always focusing on other issues and topics - Like they just 'cannot' see it.*1snmrhd*_ga*MTkyODM4MDA2Ny4xNjk5OTIyOTk4*_ga_ZYH7XNXMZK*MTcxMDk1OTg4NS4xNDEuMS4xNzEwOTYwNDIwLjYwLjAuMA..


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