How to enhance the automation


Currently, when Tagging Scope, Asset owner get filled, then automation email triggered.

However, I want to enhance the automation to add one more condition only when the information under one IFP Work Order(First Column) all get filled, then send email to specific person.

Under current setting is, for example, first two-line items, the Asset Owner hasn't been filled yet, but I already got the automation email for other lines reminders. But since the first two line items hasn't been filled yet, I can't close IFP Work Order 2346 completely.



  • brianschmidt
    brianschmidt ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would create a helper checkbox that checks once all required fields of all work orders of the same work order number are filled out. That way, you can add having it checked as a condition of the workflow. Here's the formula I would use in your helper column:

    =IF(COUNTIF([IFP Work Order]:[IFP Work Order], [IFP Work Order]@row) = COUNTIFS([IFP Work Order]:[IFP Work Order], [IFP Work Order]@row, Email:Email, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell))), 1, 0)

    Basically, it counts the total number of Work Order Numbers that are the same as that row and see if it matches the matching work order numbers with all required fields filled out. In the example formula shown, I have an "Email" column as a field to check to ensure it's not blank. To add the additional columns you will need to check for filled cells, just add additional condition sets like the Email:Email, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell)) one to ensure all required fields have values in them.

    Hope this helps!:)