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Auto Generation of Crossreferenced tables.

Cruz Ortiz
Cruz Ortiz ✭✭✭✭

Topic: New Sheet Row Generation with selected data from a source Sheet with data linked. 

If you are used to ERP linked data tables you may have explerienced the need to get similar benefit in Smartsheet.

We are in the need to generate a new row in a "destination sheet" triggered from a "source sheet" based on specific criteria met at the source. That new row should have several fields linked to the original source sheet and kept linked.

Problems are:

  1. Workflows only allow to COPY the entire row and the destination row will never be linked to the original sheet data.
  2. Data Shuttle export and import back into Smartsheet is a terrible workaround.
  3. Only way we know, is a workflow @ source sheet to trigger a webform going into the destination sheet where we need a manually enetered "Key" typed to pull other desired data from the same source sheet.

Ideal solution:

  1. Workflows: Hability to copy specific fields from a source sheet into a destination sheet.
  2. Hability to keep data linked from copied rows (if desired/needed).


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