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I have a sheet which is connected to a form where the user can enter what services will be required (as a multi select dropdown option). What I want to be able to do is reference another sheet that has a 'practice' (line of business) that the service is related to and return all those values inside a second drop down

Where I seem to be stuck is at the reference to the Service Type Column in sheet 1. I don't know how to pass on an array of multiple values for it to look up.

Here is my current formula =JOIN(COLLECT({Service / Practice Types | Practice}, {Service / Practice Types | Service}, HAS(@cell, [Service Type]@row)), CHAR(10))

I know I can get the basic concept with the Join + Char(10) formulas.

Reference list (sheet 2 - Service / Practice Types)

Working with only one selection (Sheet 1 - Sheet with Form)

Output when Multiples are selected (Sheet 1 - Sheet with Form)

This is what my desired output would return

It seems like I am real close! I just don't know how to pass on an array(or list, whatever the right term is) to the collect function.


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