Tracking Survey Data in Report for Dashboard

Nina R
Nina R
edited 03/27/24 in Smartsheet Basics


we are sending a survey out to our entire team using a smartsheet form, and I've been asked to create a dashboard to track the results. We are attempting to capture in report (for a DB) the following:

  • Percentage of Direct reports who have completed the form for each leader
  • Percentage of how many answers within each starred question came back with 5 stars, 4 stars 3 stars and so on

Does anyone know if any of this is possible? All of my searches are coming up with nothing helpful.

Please help



  • Jake Kenyon
    Jake Kenyon ✭✭✭✭

    Hey Nina!

    You can use a secondary sheet to build out the metrics for the % of reports who have completed the form for each leader, as you will be able to compare against the total number of employees each leader handles there. For this, you would build out a column with the name of each leader and the total number of people they are responsible for in the next column. You would then use a countif formula set equal to the name entered on that sheet in a third column to come up with the %, which you could then display on a dashboard in graphical format. You could also use this approach for how many stars were given per question per leader in additional columns where you would need a column for each rating per question.

    If you are looking for overall how many answers are starred on each metric and not do that by leader I would instead use a report with this sheet as the source and group by the given column. You can then use the summary functionality to get your counts and use that as the source for a graph on your dashboard.

    Hope that helps get you started!