NEW! Forms minor updates and enhancements


Hi Community!

We’ve released a few minor fixes and enhancements to forms.

Removed scroll on number inputs - While ensuring input remains restricted to valid numbers, a form will now scroll seamlessly, even if the cursor is positioned over a number field, preventing unintended adjustments to data (including accidental negative numbers).

Applied currency formatting to form entries with decimals - Now, when you input decimal values into fields with currency formatting—regardless of whether they have form validation or not—your values will automatically format as currency on both web and mobile platforms. This means whether you enter "2", "2.00", or "2.25", the system intelligently formats these entries as currency, ensuring consistency and clarity in your financial data.

Data validation in form builder - When editing a form in a small window, data validation is only applied when the user applies it, and text fields can always be changed to multi-line when no data validation is applied.

These enhancements are available on all plans.

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