Bug: New Asset Ownership Model - Support Ticket Submission Failed

Ray Lindstrom
Ray Lindstrom ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 04/03/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I just attempted to submit a Support Ticket in order to submit a bug. When I clicked to submit the ticket, I received a "406 Not Acceptable - nginx" error.

Here are the details I entered:

The new Asset Ownership Model is now generally available.

When someone shares a link to a Smartsheet file and clicks to request access, instead of just the owner being notified now the owner and all Admins are notified. That is great, I love it!

The problem is that if one of the Admins approves the share. When you look at the Activity Log, it shows that the Sheet Owner shared the file rather than the Admin who actually shared it. This can cause problems and people being blamed when they did nothing wrong.

I noticed when I clicked to grant permission, I was told the permission had already been granted. I knew I didn't do so. I went to the file at question, and viewed the Activity Log just to find my name as the person who shared.

I tested this out before writing this with the following steps (I'm a former QA Lead).

1.) As the Sheet Owner, I shared the file to person A.

2.) I copied and sent the URL to person B.

3.) Person B did not have access, so they clicked to request access.

4.) Person A and I received an email for the access request.

5.) I had person A click to share the file.

6.) I opened the file, and viewed the Activity Log to find it showed I was the one who shared the file. This is the failing step as the expected result would be to have shown Person A as the person who shared the file.