Copying Parent Row into same sheet column of Child Row

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Is there anyway that we can copy parent row into the child row and apply to the whole same column without changing the parent row information?

For example:

=Parent({Test]@row) works if I put into the child rows only, but when I convert to same column formula the information in the parent row disappears so the information doesn't transfer to the child row.

=If(COUNT(CHILDREN([Status]@row))=0, PARENT ([Status]@row) +"") works but it only allows me to use this on a different column to copy from the parent row, but won't allow me to be able to apply it to the same column due to circular error

Thank you!


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    You can create a formula with an IF to put different things on the parent and child rows, like you have found. However, you cannot create a formula that references itself (this will create a circular reference), nor can you create a formula that will only work if the cell it is in is blank.

    The alternative (using formulas) is to enter the parent details into another column and use the formula to pull them into the parent and child rows of the original column.

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