Resource Management - Work Item name not displayed in the Time and Expenses


Hello everyone, I am asking about a feature in RM that is confusing for me and my customers.

Work Items listed in the Project Schedule / Work List (either retrieved from the activities / tasks from a Smartsheet's sheet) are not displayed in the Time and Expenses section of a person' Page.

We have them in the Today's view, but when a user goes into the Time and Expenses section to confirm their time (using the Itemized Hours and Minutes), they do not appear under the project's name: you can only use the Categories (at Project or account level) to inform about what you have been working on (which are different from the Work Items' names).

Also when exporting the Analytics, it seems that there is no column dedicated to the Work Item, just the Categories.

Is this expected? I have many confused customers about this and they want to know if it is possible to display the Work Items instead.