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Request for Image-Friendly Formula Capability


I just tried searching within the Community to see if this is available, and I do see some discussion about it... With that said, I don't believe this is a "new" idea particularly, however, I'm adding in more support for this request! I have been finding increasing use and value in the Document Builder feature... I have 14 years working in virtual education; half of which has been on a national level (about 13 years utilizing Smartsheet to work smarter in this niche!); My team is currently supporting multiple schools across 13 states (and growing). Each school obviously has its own unique "personality" logo. I have completed several different document builder projects on a mass scale utilizing a static sheet where the logo is inserted within its school row, and it has worked SMASHINGLY well (transcripts, report cards, "Schoolwide MTSS Readiness Survey Reports," school invoices, etc)... Impressing all the admins, so thank you for making me look good!! However, I am now working on streamlining the service invoicing process by shifting our national service time tracker from Google sheets to a Smartsheet form submission (I dream of the resulting dashboard from this, and the level of insight it would bring us for year over year planning/staffing).

Scenario: One individual therapist or psychologist may be assigned to 3 or 4 different schools, so as they submit their service time forms with the relevant school selected, it would be slightly game-changing to have a column formula ready to look for a school name & plop in the logo. I do have a workaround in mind by utilizing a metrics sheet with cross sheet formulas to roll up our service time data, with the logos statically inserted...but I'm sure I will come across another use case where this would help to maximize the professional delivery of data for each school, with the minimal effort Smartsheet allows by just existing. With that, a random vision just popped up with "Logo/Image Mapping" functionality flashing... Perhaps a way for users to upload a series of logos and then map them to the unique identifier of the organization...? No doubt a value add to the marketing & UX world, I'd suspect! Thanks in advance for reading my novel, for considering this idea, and most importantly for being the data collaboration solution, I'd argue, could save the world some day!!!

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  • Volodymyr L
    Volodymyr L ✭✭✭
    edited 03/21/23

    We use Cards in adittion to List ( actually very hard to set up it first time but after set up it`s promising be a great addition)

    Idea 1

    Would be great to have an option to MOVE IMAGES to another sheet by formula

    Idea 2

    SIMLIPFY Card setup to make it closer to asana... More friendly to user

    So, when you double click on cards - you have a lot of hiden columns. I want to remove them from hard or hide too

    Thank you

  • PamM
    PamM ✭✭

    I'm doing an Index/Match for staff directory to another sheet. We need the staff photo to be able to populate in the new sheet like the rest of the formulated data.