Is anyone else losing their mind over the changes Smartsheet is making without announcing it?

Rebecca_Kolker ✭✭✭✭
edited 04/05/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I don't understand why Smartsheet changed these icons? They no longer match what is used in a Workspace or Folder. When I teach Smartsheet, I use the icons (sheet/grid, report, dashboard, template, folder, workspace) to help people understand at a basic level what Smartsheet is made up of. THESE make absolutely NO sense here! I am SO upset by this change and how they just continue to make changes without explanations. This is just one of the recent changes that has me going over the edge. Can someone please tell me if you are feeling the same way? I feel like these icons above are not intuitive for beginners at all. The below icons is what they should continue to use throughout Smartsheet so people can quickly understand what they are working with!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Rebecca_Kolker

    Would you mind clarifying what icons you don't like seeing?

    If you click the + button, it takes you to the page where you can start building a solution and select what you want to create. All the sheet-specific icons are blue (like in the workspace) and the other icons are the same:

    The blue ones are different images as they represent different types of sheets.

    If there are different images you want to see on the "create solution" suggestion box, I'm sure the product team would like to hear from you! You can fill out the Feedback Form from the bullhorn icon on the home page:



  • Rebecca_Kolker
    Rebecca_Kolker ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks Genevieve. I am a savvy user and totally understand what Smartsheet did and what the icons mean, and maybe why it was changed. However, I teach Beginners and I start with the main icons in Smartsheet and what they represent and how they are used. I often used the Home screen as my starting point because this is where Smartsheet takes all people logging in for the first time. On that Home Screen you previously showed several of the "Items" that one can find in Smartsheet. Sheet, Report, Dashboard, Template, Form. I have added the screen shot I used below. I don't need a response to this email nor will I use the bull horn. I am just getting so frustrated at the amount of changes Smartsheet is choosing to make in such a short period of time. As the SysAdmin I am swamped trying to vet the tons of questions I am getting about the notification changes (now all Admins and Sheet Owners receive notifications).