Renamed a Column, Now Column Header Showing Twice in Reports

RBrewster ✭✭✭
edited 04/12/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I have 24 spreadsheets all using the same sheet template with the same columns, but different row/cell values. I changed the name of a column from "BLD FT-CUR" to "BLD FT-JP" on each of the spreadsheets last week. All of the columns have the same naming as the above with no column description and the column type of Text/Number.

However, when I look at reporting, I'm showing that there are two different columns called "BLD FT-JP". One column references 8 of the sheets, and the other references the other 16 sheets. I've validated each one to make sure the capitalization is the same and there are no extra spaces, and that the column type is the same - no differences have been found. I've also tried deleting the column from 1 sheet and adding it back as new, but nothing changes.

And finally, the summarization on the report is not working. The summary states the sum is 1107928 but if I highlight the cells, the sum at the bottom is 1243038.