Using smartsheet logic step in forms - new row created in backend sheet?

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I have created a logic step where if the form user fills out yes to a question, two extra rows appear. I have tested the form and it works but the additional information appears in the back-end sheet as extra columns. Is it possible for the info to be separated into two different rows rather?

We would like the basic information (name, surname, job title, company name, email etc.) and the info from the logic step to be added as an additional row in the back-end sheet below the original row once the form is submitted.

Example: User fills out form and says yes to the question we would like all information before the yes question to appear in one row and then all info after the yes question to appear in a second row with all basic info asked previously included too (name, surname, job title, company name, email etc.). Is this possible?



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    Hey @LeighAnn12,

    Unfortunately there's no way to split a single form submittal into separate rows at the moment. However, you might be able to use a formula where if the previous row's answer is yes, then it copies the answers into the next row? That might be worth exploring?

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