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Reduce Emails! Please Tweak New Assets Ownership Logic


Can you please make a slight enhancement to the new Assets Ownership Logic?

To be clear, our team is in favor of the new Asset Ownership Model – it makes sense and ultimately is a good thing. That said, our team (30+ people) is dealing with an influx of emails because every time an individual requests access to specific sheets inside our workspace all Admins get notified. Due to the nature of our work all members of our team are Admins inside the workspace, and we are not going to change that.

  • We understand from this article that the new logic looks to see if there is an active owner or Admin of an asset, then sends the access request emails to all active owners and admins
  • These access request “email blasts” are currently going out to our entire team daily, which is having a negative effect
  • Our request is that the logic get updated (slightly) where the first step in the logic is looking for an active owner and sending the access request solely to that active owner
  • If no active owner exists then the next step would be sending the access request to all Admins
  • This small update to the logic would have a significant positive impact to our team

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