Difference From Past Scheduled Days

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I am trying to understand the information in this column, and I did one simple example, but the outcome differs from what I expected. What I need to get is the difference between the planned effort vs the real one.

Let's say I have a resource allocated for 100h in a task from the 1st to the 30th of the current month. So far, it hasn't been incurred in any activity, and we are on the 12th of the month.

I run the TIME&FEES report by hour, and the result is:

Incurred value = 0 

Future scheduled hours = 54.55 , which I assume are the remaining working hours of the month

Difference From Past Scheduled Days = 0 , whereas it has to be 45.45 hours (100-54.55). I understand it was supposed to spend this time, according to the linear plan across the month, but he hasn't...

So my goal is to see who is charging above the plan, which is understood as a linear distribution of that resource across the month.

Can you please clarify the column output?


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