Alert Someone Notification Failing


Good afternoon,

I created a sheet that includes an automation to "alert someone". It is configured to send an email to two distribution lists at 8am when the date is 1 day before the date of the column "Date Arriving" in this sheet.

The automation works perfectly when using my Smartsheet login's email as the one being alerted. However, when I select two other distribution emails as the recipients, it isn't sending the alert.

I confirmed that my login and the two recipient logins have "Include my changes in sheet notifications" checked in settings. I've also manually ran the alert multiple times, and the date ran is changing. I'm receiving the alert, but others still are not. After browsing the forums for a few hours, I'm unable to determine what's causing this issue.

All users have viewing permissions, and the automation permission is set to unrestricted.

Thank you for your help in advance!