Lock Editing Capability on a Form


Is there a way to lock a Form so that others cannot edit it?


  • Brianne

    Hi Sarahe,

    Others can simply be set as a viewer when shared, alternatively you can lock rows and columns (Simply right click and select lock) however other admin's will still be able to edit these locked cells. Editors will not be able to edit locked columns (From my understanding). I definitely lock this when I have formulas to ensure they continue to work correctly.

    Hope this helps.

  • sarahe
    sarahe ✭✭

    Oh, I'm talking about a form, not a sheet

  • Humashankar
    Humashankar ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @sarahe

    To directly lock a form and prevent all editing is not an available feature.

    Other possibilities for your need would be

    You can control who can edit the form by adjusting the sharing permissions.

    Only Sheet Owners and Sheet Admins have the ability to create and edit forms

    Below article will help you out - https://help.smartsheet.com/learning-track/smartsheet-intermediate/forms.

    Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!

    Thank you very much and have a great one!

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