Reply to a comment without @ should send notification

Matt Rasmussen
Matt Rasmussen ✭✭✭✭
edited 04/29/24 in Smartsheet Basics

When person A enters a comment on a row and person B types a reply, no notification is sent to person A unless the @ feature is used in the reply comment. Most people do not know this -- the expectation when you reply to someone's comment is that a notification will be sent since you are replying directly to their comment. That's how social media processes replies for the last 20+ years, so that's what new users instinctively think will happen.

This product idea is to change comments so that any reply will send a notification to the previous commenter regardless if the @ feature is used. Using the @ feature should still send a notification when used, as this is very helpful to ping multiple people in the same comment.

I'm aware this is not an original thought on my part since I see a few Community posts as far back as 2018 asking about this, but I could not find a Product Idea for me to vote up. Smartsheet Employee Admins should feel free to post cross-links here if they can find previously submissions.

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