How to visualize the same timestamp that I see in the grid(sheet) and in dynamics view?


I created a dynamics view but the problems it's that the timestamp that I visualize its a different.

I already reviewed the timezone an its set similar in my computer also I review the time format and its the same.

Any solution or suggestion?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jonathan Anchondo

    Dynamic View stores the System Dates and Times as UTC times, which may be different than the timezone that is displaying in your sheet.

    Here's more information: Troubleshooting: How Smartsheet handles time zones

    System columns always use UTC in the back-end, while the display value matches the time zone of the last person to access the sheet. This means that, although the display value is in the sheet-viewers time zone, formulas and API calls using system column data may return based on the UTC time zone.

    Dynamic View uses API calls, which is why the time is different. I hope that helps!



  • Hello Thank you for your answer. my problem is that im tracking the issues in hours so I will continue with these problem :/

    Thanks for your support.

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