The default value set up in the form creation not working consistently

MC_11 ✭✭
edited 04/17/24 in Smartsheet Basics

The default value set up in the form creation does not always populate cell when new rows added.

Multiple grid columns in a single record have dropdown list columns using "N/A" as default value set up in the form creation, unless of course another value is selected. When the new row adds, some columns have blank cells without "N/A" and some other columns do populate "N/A" in the same new row when added. I have them configured identically but for value list. I see no reason they should operate differently. Seriously confused.

Why some and not others? I just deciphered it is only the columns that are utilized in the form based on a positive logic condition! They remain blank when not invoked. Not even default value "N/A".

So that tells me, I think, that somehow the logic associated form columns, do not take on a default value function when adding rows through a form? They remain blank?

Is there a workaround?