Automate create email that won't immediately send


I'm wondering if it's possible to do something similar to what excel does, where we can program a button that once pressed creates an email with a specific template but won't send until clicking send like a normal email.

The idea is that it would populate an email template based off the information in my Smartsheet to which I could edit or add any attachments as needed before sending off.

Is this possible or is Smartsheet only capable of fully automating the process?



  • bisaacs
    bisaacs ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @edelaney1,

    You could manually send an update request for a row if you click on the 3 dots near the row number then click on "Send update request" in the menu that pops up:

    Then from there you can create an email to send to a user!

    Hope this helps!

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