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Smarthseet Community Feedback Dashboard


 What about using a dashboard to find and upvote existing ideas? One URL for users to access a Dashboard that visually divides into Functional Areas, sub areas: Users could click on a topic of interest, see the contenders in order of votes, and add their two cents. I want to know: What are the most asked for ideas? Do I agree? What other ideas do I have? And maybe a note from the developers: Is this on the roadmap? What timing for release? For the EAP community there could be a dashboard showing all the data that comes in the current email as to what is in beta, but also allows feedback and comments and then upvotes, popularity, etc. The Smartsheet community is so passionate about the tool - I'd love to make it easier to give feedback and see how ideas float to the top of the chain. Seems like they should have, and maybe do have, a team in charge of community feedback that could manage this. 

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Kristine Candela

    Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the Product Ideas section in Community! A few of these pieces can be addressed right here in the forum, so I'll go through some tips that may help you navigate:

    You can Sort all of the ideas by "Top" to see a list top-down of the most voted on requests. Then you can also Filter by what Product has responded to publicly, specifically if a request is on the Roadmap or not:

    When you're searching for Ideas, you could use the Tag filter on the left to narrow down you're search. I know the Search page doesn't currently show the votes associated with the post, but this may help you find what you're looking for: