Help configuring our SAML with ADFS

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  • Matthew Campbell


    We have mimicked the snippet above in ADFS, and have talked through with Smartsheet how to configure our SAML in ADFS. Unfortunately, there is no user guide out there and we do not have a rep to speak to to help us troubleshoot. I am attaching the error message we get, with additional snippets, but we need some help! Can anyone point us in the right direction in configuring our SAML with ADFS?

    We are getting the correct ping on our ADFS server, but then it seems Smartsheet is not accepting our Token.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Matthew Campbell

    I found this article online that may help guide you through the ADFS SAML set-up process:

    In regards to the specific error you're receiving, I've seen something similar before which had to do with the User Attributes & Claims portion of the set-up. If you're still getting an error, you can submit a ticket to Smartsheet Support with a list of the steps you've tried and screen captures, so they can troubleshoot with you in a private channel.


  • Matthew Campbell

    Hi Genevieve! Thank you! Smartsheet support actually pointed us into updating our Azure to get it working. They added these troubleshooting tips to the article on SSO SAML with ADFS. Glad we could figure this out together