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Download for individual/group of rows/proofs


I work with many teams on this application and I always get asked the question "Is there a way to download comments from individual proofs or rows?" and the only answer I am able to give is no. The sheet offers an option of downloading/exporting the entire sheet to Excel but not individual rows or proofs. I have been on a quest to find out if this was possible and I just recently found out it was not. Many of you who have sheets that are large and contain a lot of information might have felt how much of a "pain" it might be to have to download the entire sheet and delete everything to just get the few comments you need. There is an option of taking screenshots as well but this still requires for additional work later on and can be confusing for those trying to work with them. So because of this, I am suggesting an idea to have the platform offer individual downloads for each row/proof and a group of rows/proofs.

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