Drivers Evalution



I want to create a self evalution list for our drivers + employees … Which is not that difficult.

So all this will be 1 sheet

But we also a other sheet , incidentlist , and i want to have those two sheet combined, this to be sure that during to one to one with the person we dont forget to speak about the incident

what is the best option to do ?




  • Koleen Steiner
    Koleen Steiner ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @TVP ALAN -

    Are they completing the list via forms? (a form for each - the self evaluation and the incidentlist)?

    All of these fields / columns can exist in one list. You could control viewing via Dynamic Views as two to separate the columns if you need to have 2 views.

    If you want to maintain them as 2 separate sheets, you could create a third where once rows are completed they are moved or copied into this third sheet to combine them into a single view.

    Need to know more requirements about how the stakeholders for 1:1 would want to view the data - from a single sheet or a dynamic view? Several ways to craft this to ensure it is easy for filtering, etc.



    Koleen Steiner

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