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Hi all, quick question regarding a shared filter on a sheet! We have a sheet that five people use to track certain information, so they'll be in there usually at the various times and sometimes at the same time saving data. The shared filter I created will help them see just the rows they're assigned to…

If one person has the shared filter on and someone else gets on the sheet, will they see that other persons filter? Can they then apply their own without it disrupting the other person?

The other option I have is to use the dynamic view but they prefer the sheet for this one…


  • Jason P
    Jason P ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Laura,

    Filter view is unique to the user however a sort on a column will be noticed by those using a filter.


    Forever forwards Backwards never.

  • Jason Hamman

    I have this same question as default view behavior hasn't been consistent year to year.

    This may help:

    1. Create a shared filter where the field you're using to denote assigned owner "has any of" Current User.
      1. Example:
        1. Field: Assigned Owner
        2. Type: has any of
        3. Value: Current User
    2. Set a default view and filter (requires you to be Owner or Admin on sheet)

    Now, anyone opening the sheet will be using the same settings but only see their info.

  • laura.sandoval

    Thank you both! Question @Jason Hamman , if the sheet user is not an owner or admin, can they still view the filter I set for the current user? Not necessarily the default view just view it with that filter set.

  • Jason Hamman

    @laura.sandoval, correct, anyone will be able to use the filter so long as it's shared.

    The admin/owner requirement is to be able to set the default view & filter on the sheet itself (which you'd be doing - not the end-user).