Change Gantt Color Automatically for Sheet and Report

Jeff Casto
Jeff Casto ✭✭✭
edited 05/07/24 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello @Genevieve P.!

Overall, I'm attempting to create a report that shows multiple different projects. In that report, I will be able to see each projects' gantt bars. I'd like to color code the gantt bars to represent different phases in the projects in order to see what phase each project is in during a certain time period. This will show some projects are in creative development at the same time others are in Studio Production for instance.

  1. Is it possible for the gantt bar in a project to change color automatically based on the phase of the project?
  2. If so, I assume it's possible to pull those project sheets into a report to show the gantt bars and whatever else criteria I'd like to show in the report.
  3. Or is there better way to show the gantt bars in a different kind of report or dashboard view?

Thanks for any help and please ask me to clarify anything!

Some backup

  • I probably went down the wrong path, but this screenshot shows that I created a column that automatically shows the phase as a color bar based on the date of the task in the project sheet. (Image 1 in attachments)
  • I also looked at conditional formatting, but couldn't see an option to change the gantt bar or calendar in case that worked. (Image 2 in attachments)