Automation to change a cell value

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Hello - I am trying to use an automation to change a cell value. I was originally triggering the change with a cell populated by a formula pointing to a cell with a cell link from another sheet, which I understand won't work. Is there a workaround for this?

More detail: I am using smartsheet for headcount tracking in my organization. There are many smartsheets connected to update the data in a master tracker. For my requisition tracker, I am trying to change the unique identifier in the primary column when someone in that position has been terminated. I currently have it set up to bring over the termination date from a separate termination sheet, then another cell that updates to TERMED when there is a date. I want the primary column to change to TERMED when that happens.



  • dojones
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    You can do this with two workflows. First workflow changes "another cell" to Termed when Term Date changes. Second workflow changes Primary Column to "Termed" when "another cell" changed to Termed.

    If "another cell" is a formula resulting in "Termed", one workflow can be used. When "another cell" changes to "Termed", workflow changes Primary Column to "Termed"