What would be the best way to send out a customized Docusign "envelope" through Smartsheet?

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My company sends out a variety of agreements and other documents, some for signature and some are purely supplemental, for each new client we onboard. The necessary documentation is different for each client. The current process is to go in through DocuSign, select the documents required for the situation, and send them altogether in an envelope.

I noticed the Document Builder uses radio buttons allowing only one DocuSign template to be chosen for a mapping. Is there a way to further customize the mapping to each instance or would we be better off skipping this feature and continuing in DocuSign separately?


Client A needs to receive: Base Agreements Package (4 documents in 1 template), ACH, and Portal Agreement

Client B needs to receive Base Agreements Package, ACH, Portal Agreement, and supplement A

We have 19 total forms that can be sent so however many non-repeating combinations that would be….


  • locallydone

    In DocuSign you can create a template where you can take off the forms you don't need with a review/sign specific order…like sometimes a client needs to submit a W9 and sometimes not, you can delete that before sending it.

    And/or have several mappings saved to different DocuSign templates built like the above and choose which one you send through Smartsheet…

    Not sure if that helps you or not.