ISCRITICAL is FALSE for a PARENT task with CHILD tasks that are on the critical path

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I have a project plan where the child tasks are on the critical path with ISCRITICAL = TRUE, but for the parent task, ISCRITICAL = FALSE. Is this expected behavior?

Context: It's a waterfall project. Only the child tasks have predecessors and successors so that the dates and duration for the parent task adjust when the child tasks are updated.

I have created a workaround to identify the PARENT row as critical if any of its child tasks are critical. Is it is expected behavior for the PARENT row to evaluate ISCRITICAL without regard to its CHILD tasks? If this is expected behavior, how do I request that Smartsheet update the documentation for ISCRITICAL to reflect this behavior?

Formula used for ISCRITICAL (Y/N): =IFERROR(IF(ISCRITICAL([Task Name]@row), "Y", "N"), "?")
Thanks in advance for your help.

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