Auto-populating Primary Field with next number in Form


Good evening,

I'm currently creating a form for our client to request new Change Requests. Our change requests have a Primary Field called 'CR Number' and have the following format: 2024-CR182.

I've already created my form, but I omitted the CR Number since I can't auto populate it with the next number, ie 2024-CR183.

Is there a way for the Primary Field to be auto populated either in the form or in the sheet once the form is submitted?

Thanks in advance.


  • Cathy Salscheider

    Primary fields need to be text. Can't you create a CR Number field and set it to auto-number? Then you can use prefix on it for 2024, which then you can change next year, of course.

    I use this with requests that are is submitted via a form.

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