Managing Content Data for Multiple Teams


Hi, Looking for suggestions.

I am trying manage content from multiple teams.

I am currently using a master Smartsheet called my "Content Inventory" with the columns being details about the content, type, links to gated/ungated assets, links to working documents, keywords, metadata, etc—all the good marketing details for each piece of content.

From this "Master Content Inventory" I am making "Dynamic Views" with only the relevant information for our sales guys to see all of the content by type or team. This has been really helpful in getting my sales guys to self-serve when looking for content for their projects. This also allows the stakeholders to see ALL of the content across the company by type.

The issue I am having is that we now have marketing teams for each major product/service who are managing their own content and that content is getting lost in a silo within those departments. I don't want to give access to my main content inventory to all of my marketing teams to input content directly because that would be too chaotic. I do, however, want transparency so that I can see all of the content each team has made in one Master Content Inventory.

Is there a way to create a sub-Smartsheet for each of my teams with all of the same columns as my Master and have the data from those sub-Smartsheets automatically show up on my Master?

The purpose of this is so that each team can manage their own data without getting overwhelmed by the giant master, but I can make dynamic views available to Sales from the one Master Content Inventory source. Also, this would allow me to have a true library of content for the whole company.

Any other solutions are welcome.

Thanks for your help,



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