Drag and drop breaks predecessors


It's such a shame when I think I can rely on SmartSheets and the system shows up with total failure. It happens more than you think it should…

Set up referential predecessors, then change your mind about seemingly trivial structure - instead of referencing a couple times, I decided to nest some values in a hierarchy. Guess what?

a) Copy paste does not take predecessors? Why? I expect SmartSheet might provide some technical challenge resulting in this failure, but from a user standpoint, it's just a failure.

b) Select a range and drag / drop loses predecessors as well. See above.

c) If you copy paste, AND THEN ALSO COPY PASTE THE PREDECESSORS SEPARATELY, it works. This is astonishingly dumb, but apparently true. Then indent…and you lose the predecessor structure again. Fail.

d) Okay, no problem, ctrl+z for undo. Oh….SmartSheet only retains maybe five or six actions for undo. It's okay, just make constant copies of your work, I guess is the recommended solution? As admin, I was able to export the activity….a remarkable illegible document. Fail+fail =fail

Such a shame. It's always just almost. By the time SS has it figured out, we'll be able to do all this in Excel and it won't constantly disappoint.

Two cents from me! Good luck everyone.