Scheduled Email Notification is not generating


A workflow to trigger an email based on a condition failed to send an email out at 6AM this morning. We are on a testing phase still. Planning to go live June 1st (Just FYI). I have attached a snapshot of the Past Due report representing the data, and a snapshot of the scheduler.

I have another, but let's work on this one first. The issue might be related. Thank you.


  • Heather Shelby

    Curious as to where the cells are that hold the contacts. There is a notice that some recipients may not get notified. Have those recipients been updated to get the notifications?

  • The "Delegated To" cells are not yet populated, but the Assigned To" fields are populated. The recipients that are supposed to receive the emails are correctly configured. Sorry, I forgot to mention earlier. When I manually trigger those emails, the recipients are receiving the emails.

  • Ella
    Ella ✭✭✭✭

    @rodel.policarpio your notification settings are restricted and you need to open them to users not shared to the sheet.

  • Thank you. But, the workflow notifications are shared to the users who are testing it, and they are the ones who should be getting the emails. My expectation is that since these users are getting the emails (Shared) when I trigger it manually, they should also get the emails when it is triggered automatically at 5AM and 6AM based on the condition set-up on the workflow. Please let me know if I am not clear. Thanks.