Can't paste password into desktop app on Mac


Is there some reason Smartsheet Desktop app won't accept me pasting my password in so I can use the app?

I have quit it and tried several times and it doesn't work.

I have long, unique passwords that I really, really don't want to have to type in. So this is kind of a deal breaker for using the desktop app if it's not letting me paste pw for security reasons or something.


  • rudie.raath

    Unfortunately, this is not a Smartheet App issue but one with Apple development restrictions. We recommend using and shortcuts to quickly copy past passwords into the app. Cyber threats and data audit compliance drive this limitation in Apple's security restrictions.

    If you access the Smartsheet platform through Chrome, you can use the browser extensions of a platform like to click and authenticate.

    Rudie Raath
    Director and Smartsheet Creative Thinker
    Razrtec (Pty) Ltd | South Africa |