COUNTIF not working when trying to count with a % in the dropdown options.


I ran into an issue where I am looking for a work around to make the system count a column that has % options in the drop down. So it is a column with these as drop down options. 0%, 3%, 4%, 5%, and 7%. I have tried the normal =COUNTIF(Percentage:Percentage, ="0%") making one for each option, but it always returns as 0. I figured out that the system just doesn't like the 0% because if I change it to 0-% putting a dash between 0 and the % it will then count them. I know in most coding % is a function used for things so my guess is that is the issue.

I tried the same thing in a summary field and it did this, in the picture below. Almost like it is making a secondary calculation or formula. That is with this line in there that it is doing this. =COUNTIF(Percentage:Percentage, ="0%").

I appreciate any thoughts or ideas on this one. Right now I am just having the team come up with something different for the 0% dropdown options. Something like 0/Percent, 3/Percent, etc. But they are not really loving that lol.


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