How to replace a blank field with contents from another


Hi Community I need help,

I have an onboarding form where there are many addresses to be captured.

The registered company address is mandatory

The main address is optional on the form as only needs to be filled in if different from the registered address.

That is great for the form but on the smartsheet I need both filled in so…….

If the main office address is blank I want to copy the registered address field into the main address field.

I cannot put a formula in automation for changing a cell value

if I put the formula in the main office address field is is circular so won't work

I can create a 3rd address field and use the formula to populate it based on the main office being blank but …..there are 5 columns for each address, already 10 columns for the 2 addresses and this would add a further 5……. so feel getting a bit over the top.

Any ideas anyone as this would be VERY gratefully appreciated

Many thanks


p.s. apologies if this has been aslked before but I couldn't find it

Sue Rogers

AmerisourceBergen - MWI Animal Health

Business Analyst

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