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Automation change a cell value


Automation is brilliant with triggers, schedules and the ability to have conditions.

I would like the change a cell value to be expanded as it is a brilliant function, but limited.

I want the option to be able to change a cell to be equal to the contents of another cell in that row.

For example if the practice address (a text/number field) is blank - change a cell value to equal the registered address cell for the same row. It can be reference in {{brackets}} the same as email field references if that helps or [brackets] as in formula.

This allow =s for us to record the registered address and practice address but on the form ask them to only fill in the second address if different.

At the moment I need them to fill in both, resulting in a risk of typing error and impatience, or use "helper" fields with a formula which is far from ideal

Sue Rogers

AmerisourceBergen - MWI Animal Health

Business Analyst

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