NEW! Content Automation: InDesign Ingest now generally available!

Haley Patrone
Haley Patrone Employee
edited 05/29/24 in Brandfolder

Hi Community, 

We’re excited to announce the launch of InDesign Ingest - a new feature now available to all Brandfolder Content Automation customers. This release introduces an improved template creation experience that enables users to convert their InDesign packages into editable drag and drop templates. The new user flow is a streamlined experience that intuitively informs the user of the conversion progress and completion. 

All Content Automation admins and designers can utilize this new template creation method today!

Getting started is easy:

  1. Package your InDesign file 
  2. Navigate to the Create New Template page and select “Import New”
  3. Upload your InDesign package and watch the magic happen
  4. Preview your converted design
  5. Start editing immediately!

The system will walk you through common conversion errors, or you can reference this resource for more information.

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