Meet Paul McGuinness, our May Member Spotlight! 🎉

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Clap your hands and say yeah for our May Member Spotlight and Community Champion, @Paul McGuinness!

Paul lives in the Greater Colchester area in the United Kingdom and works as a Central Operations Manager at Care UK. He also just got back from ENGAGE London, but we’ll get to that in just a moment! 

His meet-cute story with Smartsheet started when a colleague of his left his company and Paul was asked to step in. “I was amazed once I started delving into what Smartsheet was capable of,” he says. “We had barely scratched the surface of what we could achieve.” 

Fast forward to the present, and Paul has used Dynamic View to completely redesign how his company shares information to users. “I’m especially proud of a perpetual reporting system I created that allows me to run hands-off data reporting to reflect any reporting period,” he explains. “It can run for years with zero oversight.”

Paul is also a natural Community Champion, giving credit to learning from other members like @Paul Newcome, @Andrée Starå, and our own @Genevieve P.. “I’m extremely proud to be a Community Champion and of the Community in general,” he says. “Everyone has one of those tricky builds you just can’t solve on your own. Being able to help someone get that working is rewarding, especially as I’ve been on the other side of needing help from the Community.” 

As he reflects on his time at ENGAGE London (his first ENGAGE!), Paul says his highlights from week include meeting other Community Champions and Overachievers, moderating Meet & Eat sessions, and picking up “gold nuggets” of information at the various presentations. 

Paul with Maximilian Osinski, aka Zava from Ted Lasso ⬆️

When Paul isn’t making connections and solving problems with Smartsheet, he’s a father and grandfather who loves spending time with his family. He has also worked for years as a crew member for comic conventions across the UK, enjoying the time to work with people from the world of TV, film, animation and gaming.

Thank you for all you do, Paul!

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