Automation Email in Two Different Formats


I saved a sheet as new, in a new workspace, and my automation is working differently on the original sheet vs the Newley created sheet. The automation is exactly the same (Send x row in an email with x specific columns to x person) When I do it on the original sheet it gives me the full row horizontal view that is neigh unusable. When I run it on the new sheet, I get the nice vertical templatized one.

Anyone know why this might be? I need the vertical templatized one EVERY time as this is a crucial automation. I am worried about the discrepancy.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @James Gilfillan

    Email notification layout depends on multiple factors:

    • type of trigger
    • type of action
    • number of rows

    It sounds like your automation is a simple "alert someone" action, which means that a single row change will appear in the email vertically, however multiple row changes will show data horizontally.

    However keep in mind that if you're using "Run Now" vs. letting the workflow trigger naturally, you may see something different. I believe "Run Now" assumes the email is picking up on multiple rows (showing data horizontally) even if you only run it on 1 row, as it's skipping the trigger block. This means that using "Run Now" to test the workflow will show your data horizontally, even if the real email would show it vertically (if only 1 row is included).

    I hope this helps!