How to write an if or formula with either or return?


I am trying to write a formula that says if the Department column says Pharmacology then return "Pharm" or If Department column says Biology then return "Bio"

Thank you in advance.

This is what I have that isn't working:

=IF(OR(Department@row =Pharmacology, "Pharm",IF(Department@row =Biology, "Bio")))

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    Hello @RPlaud

    I think the formula below is what you are looking for.

    =IF(Department@row = "Pharmacology", "Pharm", IF(Department@row = "Biology", "Bio", ""))

    This formula will give a blank in [Department] if "Pharmacology" or "Biology" are not present in [Department]. If you have more than Pharmacology and Biology you can just add to the IF statements.


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