Custom Auto Number Formula

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HI Community I need help creating a custom auto number formula using set prefex and a reference column. The DRN "number" or Identifier must populate as follows: ABCDE-DRN24-020T.

The prefix 'ABCDE-DRN' is absolute for all numbers and the '24' after DRN is referencing the FY Reference column year. The next 3 numbers after the dash for the year, would need to be the auto number portion and I need the sequence to start at 021 followed by the letter T at the end.

I am novice when it comes to complex formulas and I tried referencing other articles here, but no luck. Here is the formula I was trying to work with, but I honestly don't know what I'm doing so any help is welcome:
="NCSES-DRN"+ "-" + RIGHT(YEAR([FY Reference]45, 2)) + "-" + COUNTIFS([Auto number]:[Auto Number], @cell<= [Auto Number]@row + "-" + "T"

Please Help!


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