Data Shuttle Workflow - Run on Attachment

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I have been trying to figure out for a few weeks now how to set up Data Shuttle to run a workflow based on an attachment. I was sent a video of someone who dropped their Excel sheet into their Smartsheet directly and the workflow ran automatically.

I have many sheets for the database that I am building and thus have 2-3 workflows per sheet, depending on the department that I receive reports from. Right now, I have set up all the workflows to have the Source come from my own cloud storage and the target be each different Smartsheet.

My questions are:

  1. How do you set this up, step by step? I even asked my company's Smartsheet account manager and I thought I understood it but clearly I do not. He said to use the same file as Source and Target, but then I don't understand how to set up the column mapping? I also can't really do "run by name", it needs to be "run by most recent upload".
  2. Can this function if you have several different workflows in each sheet? I am not confident that the system will be smart enough to identify the different source sheets and run the correct workflow.

Please let me know how to do this? I tried to look around the forums but couldn't find too much information on this topic.

Thank you!


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    I'd recommend breaking this down to get one to work first.

    Try working with the following sheets:

    • a sheet to trigger the DS — I call this "xxxx Data Shuttle"
    • a sheet to map the data to — I call this "xxxx Holding Sheet"

    Before setting up datashuttle create your xxxx Holding Sheet. Upload the base data into the holding sheet so your column names are in your xxxx Holding Sheet. I don't know if this is needed — it is just something I do to be clear. You can add columns, in addition to what is in your source data as well as workflows. Then delete all rows.

    Attach your source sheet to the xxxx Data Shuttle.

    Go to:

    • Create a new datashuttle
    • Select source sheet and run on attachment, state that you have column headers in row 1… if you are working with a .cvs columns are separated by comas
    • hit next
    • Select your target sheet: xxxx Holding Sheet and replace all rows
    • hit next
    • skip filter data — hit next
    • Mapping to columns should set up automatically.
    • hit next — run on attachment
    • skip input expressions — hit next, name your workflow