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Backup & Restore Option for Control Center Blueprint


New Feature concept: A back up and restore option for control center blue prints. This feature would replace corrupt blue print files and have the ability to relink to current sheets. It should also provide a log to find out where errors occurred. 

Urgent issue: Our Control Center has suddenly stopped recognizing our current Template folder containing 59 assets. It's identifying the same template assets as new items and is prompting to delete and add them as new, Despite us not having moved these assets anywhere. This is a critical problem that needs immediate attention.

This issue is causing significant disruptions to our workflow. We're now required to remap all the profile data and update all the advanced permissions we have already set up. Additionally, we're unable to perform global updates on any of the provisioned projects, and there's no update reporting available for all provisioned projects. This is a major setback for us.

Smartsheet Support told me we'd need to add current assets as new templates, remap everything, and re-provision everything to be connected to the Control Center again. (which re-provisioning is NOT an option for us due to the complexity of the sheets)
They cannot tell us what caused this issue.

There is no backup and no restore option, even from the Smartsheet side. This means hours of rebuild work and future manual updates for already provisioned projects every time a new update needs to be applied.

We are afraid this might happen to our other blueprints again, and that'll be chaos.

Please come up with a Control Center Backup/restore system.

Thank you.

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