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card view home lane


There should be a way to assign a Home or Default lane for cards, sort of like a dock that you can send all the cards with that lane set as the default with 2 clicks or so. For example you have a lane called project managers. You should be able to set up a card view rule that says all cards with a certain criteria will be sent to that lane when you click a certain button or series of buttons. Maybe a dropdown box within a card could have each of its contents correspond with a lane. So let's say you have lanes for project managers, foremen, laborers, and that's where the cards start out but then you start moving them around to different lanes, and you have hundreds of cards scattered all over the sheet. And lets say the sheet has like 30 lanes and you want to get the foremen cards back into the foreman lane from all the way on the other side of the sheet. Since there is no way to select and drag multiple cards, you have to individually move each card. There should be a way to either right click the card and select "send home" or "dock" to instantly send it to the foremen lane, or a button that will send all cards of a certain criteria into their docks. Ideally there would be both.

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